Sunday, June 10, 2007

Simic & Gluck

I've spent some time last night reading Charles Simic and Louise Gluck.I received two poetry books in the mail courtesy of a very kind friend. I have not been especially familiar with Simic till recently and had only read a couple of his poems. A Wedding in Hell is the book I am reading and I bravo! to his work. I've read only about 8 of the poems so far and hope to sit down with the book again this evening.

I particularly enjoy Simic’s blending of simple things with a more complex storyline.
Two poems I have especially taken pleasure in have been Tattooed City an Miracle Glass Co.

As for Louise Gluck, I've read more of her in the past. I did read a maybe three or four poems from her book Descending Figure and they were only first reads, but I found these to be a bit different from another book of her I have and I rather prefer what I've seen in this one.

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