Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday I read...

  • Albert Goldbarth - Read a poem that appeared in Nov. 2006 Poetry Magazine tiled He Has. Liked the quick continuous flow as the title takes us right into the poem and the lines whip off in a quick continuum. For some reason, I did not care for the use of superglued in the 4th line: in her ass that a boy's gaze superglues to, even over /. I think it is perhaps that the superglues takes some momentum from the poem. I suppose that could in fact be considered a good thing, the word "sticking" as superglue would. Probably more a personal thing with me than a legitimate reason to pick on the usage here. From a language POV it definitely works. The final line is a winner!!! When you're twelve you dream of "going to war," / and not it coming to you. // WOW! Who would not wish they had penned that line?

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